Exterior Painting

While most homes only need to be painted once a decade, depending on where you live and the type of materials your home is made of you may need painting services before ten years time. The elements of the Baton Rouge, LA area can quickly wear away at the outside of your home long before the decade mark creating the need for exterior painting to touch up cracked and peeling surfaces.

Our team is happy to provide professional power washing services to help prepare your home for the new coat of paint. We can even provide deck power washing and other pressure washing services while we are on your property to ensure the entire exterior of your home or business is gorgeous and clean.

Whether you are touching up your current paint job or are looking for an entirely new look for your home, our painting contractor can help you select the right shade for your home. After all, the hue of your house is important when considering that it will represent you and your family as well as set the overall impression potential buyers will glean of your home.

For more information about all of our exterior and interior painting services, please call Luna's Painting in Baton Rouge, la at (225) 916-0914 today!